Image 1 of 💗Netero Heart💗 *Glitter Note!* Image 2 of 💗Netero Heart💗 *Glitter Note!*

💗Netero Heart💗 *Glitter Note!*

Sold Out

*GLITTER NOTE!* The LEFT Netero is the Netero in question, see details below!
This reorder of Netero has the Glitter color a ~little~ off and is a darker yellow/green than the first run, but since it's just a slight color change I didn't deem it enough to make it a v2, next run will be back to normal!
Lord when the piano hits at the end of this episode it brings me to actual tears
Netero is the absolute goat there isn’t a better “head of the organization” character in anime. Better than Yamamoto ez
He comes double posted and backstamped!

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